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How Is Your Organization Currently Leveraging Real-World Data/Evidence and What Uses Do You Anticipate in the Future?
PHARMA'S ALMANAC: At Elicio Therapeutics, we view real-world data and evidence (RWE) as a critical component for optimizing our drug development process –– particularly the design and execution of our AMPLIFY studies including patient selection and biomarkers of therapeutic response. » Read more
Cancer-Drug Developer Brings On Life Sciences Atty As GC
LAW 360: Clinical-stage biotechnology company Elicio Therapeutics Inc. said Monday it has chosen a longtime life sciences attorney to be its general counsel, overseeing the company's legal affairs as it continues its mission... » Read more
Elicio’s Broad Cancer Ambitions
VANGUARDS OF HEALTH CARE PODCAST: Initial clinical trial data highlight the potential for a new approach to cancer vaccines to treat patients with a wide range of KRAS mutations, Elicio Therapeutics CEO Robert Connelly explains. » Read more
New Epstein-Barr vaccine may thwart infection and later disease, too
FIERCE Biotech: Interest in developing a vaccine for Epstein-Barr virus, or EBV, has grown as the link between infection and later consequences like multiple sclerosis and cancer has become clear. » Read more
How is an increased focus on patient-centric concerns influencing the way that you work?
PHARMA'S ALMANAC: Christopher Haqq, M.D., Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Head of Research and Development and Chief Medical Officer, Elicio Therapeutics. "As an oncologist, waiting with patients who’d undergone chemotherapy and surgery for mKRAS-driven tumors to see if they’d relapse left me feeling helpless — I wanted to do more than wait and see. " » Read more
Explorations Unearth New Potential of KRAS Mutations in Pancreatic Cancer
ONCLIVE: Despite the high prevalence of KRAS mutations in pancreatic cancers, a limited number of cases harbor an actionable point mutation. Unlike other tumors where variants in KRAS, such as G12C, are more prominent, explorations into the more common subtypes in pancreatic cancer have begun to provide more guidance for therapeutic development as significant differences in survival outcomes come to light. » Read more
Vaccine Boosts CAR T Cell Therapy for Solid Tumors
GENETIC ENGINEERING BIOTECHNOLOGY NEWS: The use of engineered T cells to destroy cancer cells has been successful in treating some types of cancer, such as leukemia and lymphoma. However, adoptive cell therapy using chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells hasn’t worked as well for solid tumors. » Read more
Blueprint and Elicio among biotechs to advance cause at ASCO
THE PHARMA LETTER: Along with the big pharma players showing off the potential of their cancer drugs at the 2023 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), biotech companies have been making their presence felt, too. » Read more
EXCLUSIVE: Are we on the verge of vaccinating against CANCER? Another promising shot treats two of the deadliest and fastest-rising forms of the disease, early study shows
THE DAILY MAIL: An off-the-shelf cancer vaccine could help prevent relapse in patients with two of the deadliest and fastest-rising cancers in the world. The shot is designed for patients whose cancers are caused by the KRAS mutation, which accounts for up to nine in 10 cases of the disease. » Read more
Elicio reports positive interim clinical data of cancer immunotherapy study
CLINICAL TRIALS ARENA: ELI-002 2P was well-tolerated with no dose limiting toxicity or cytokine release syndrome across five cohorts. » Read more
Clal Biotech co makes progress on cancer immunotherapy
GLOBES: Elicio Therapeutics reports positive interim results from a Phase 1 trial at risk of relapse after surgery or chemotherapy. » Read more
The latest trends in pancreatic cancer research with two experts from MD Anderson
BIOTECH TV: Anirban Maitra and Shubham Pant from MD Anderson tell us what targets and approaches look promising in pancreatic cancer. » Read more
Elicio Therapeutics Shares Up Almost 90% Following Merger With Angion Biomedica
MARKETWATCH: Shares of Elicio Therapeutics were trading higher on the Nasdaq Friday, following the combination of the company with Angion Biomedica. » Read more
Elicio Merges With Angion to Support Mutant KRAS-Targeted Cancer Vaccine Development
PRECISION MEDICINE ONLINE: Elicio Therapeutics on Thursday said it closed a previously announced reverse merger with Angion » Read more
Cancer vaccines: 10 biotech companies that have changed the game
LABIOTECH: Elicio Therapeutics specializes in immunotherapeutic research in the field of cancer and infectious diseases. And its amphiphile technology (AMP) platform is the foundation for the various vaccine candidates in its pipeline, against cancer and other diseases.  » Read more
What do you view as the most disruptive or transformational technology or development on the horizon?
PHARMA'S ALMANAC: I’ve seen two areas within oncology in particular that have grown significantly with revolutionary potential in the coming year: therapeutics targeting KRAS mutations and the re-emergence of cancer vaccines. Christopher Haqq, MD, PhD » Read more
Cancer Biotech Elicio Finds Path to Public Markets Via Angion Reverse Merger
MED CITY NEWS: Elicio Therapeutics dipped its toe in the IPO waters but decided to go public by merging with publicly traded Angion Biomedica. Clinical-stage Elicio is developing immunotherapies, including cancer vaccines, that work by targeting immune cells located in the lymph nodes. » Read more
Leveraging Lymph Nodes With Elicio’s Dr. Peter DeMuth
BUSINESS OF BIOTECH PODCAST: Chief Scientific Officer Peter DeMuth, PhD at Elicio HQ in Boston talks about how the platform works, and how it's driving rapid clinical progress for the company's robust pipeline of therapeutic vaccines in oncology. » Read more
Cancer Vaccines Push Toward Viability with New Approaches and Targets
BIOSPACE: The advances in immuno-oncology and adaptive cell therapy that began about a decade ago, however, are enabling fresh, biology-driven approaches with the potential to bring therapeutic cancer vaccines much closer to fruition. » Read more
Elicio Receives $2.8M Grant for Cancer Vaccine Development
PRECISION ONCOLOGY NEWS: Elicio Therapeutics said Tuesday that it received a $2.8 million grant from the Gastro-Intestinal Research Foundation (GIRF) in Chicago to fund research for two therapeutic cancer vaccines. » Read more
Developing Subunit Vaccines Based on an Amphiphile Platform
BIOPROCESS INTERNATIONAL: Subunit vaccines stimulate immune cells by delivering selected components of a pathogen of interest rather than the entire pathogen. Elicio Therapeutics is developing subunit vaccines that target a recipient’s lymph node to elicit a robust immune response. » Read more
Elicio Touts “Huge Potential” for Cancer Vaccine Following Preclinical Data
BIOSPACE: Immuno-oncology has grown enormously in the last decade, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated our knowledge of the immune system. Elicio Therapeutics published data on the preprint server, bioRxiv, describing preclinical research on its cancer vaccine that shows a lot of promise. » Read more
Elicio inks deal with Regeneron to evaluate ELI-002 in combination with Libtay
THE PHARMA LETTER: USA-based clinical-stage biotech Elicio Therapeutics has entered into a clinical supply agreement with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: REGN) to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Elicio’s lead asset, ELI-002, an investigational KRAS-targeted cancer vaccine, in combination with Regeneron’s Libtayo (cemiplimab), a fully human monoclonal antibody targeting the immune checkpoint receptor PD-1 on T cells, in patients with KRAS-driven tumors. » Read more
BioSpace Movers & Shakers: Singular Genomics, Marengo, Ventyx, Caribou and More
BIOSPACE: Building stronger companies requires the right leadership. This week, life sciences companies from across the globe pinpoint the Movers & Shakers who will best benefit their company. » Read more
What’s the key to being a leader in the industry?
PHARMA'S ALMANAC: Progress in Therapeutics » Read more
What important company milestone do you anticipate reaching in 2022?
PHARMA'S ALMANAC: 2022 Milestones » Read more
Scrip Asks…What Does 2022 Hold For Biopharma? Part 4: Therapeutic Area Advances
SCRIP: High Hopes In COVID-19, Cancer, CNS, Immunology And Rare Disease » Read more
CEO to CEO: Tips for First-time Founders
BIOSPACE: We picked the brains of 10 biotech CEOs and founders to solicit their advice for first-time founders. Here’s what they told us: » Read more