Orchestrating the immune Response

Engineering precision immunity

Elicio Therapeutics is re-engineering the body’s immune response to defeat cancer with potent lymph node targeted immunotherapies. Elicio’s Amphiphile platform combines expertise in materials science, immunology and immuno-oncology to develop novel  immunotherapies, including cell therapy activators, immunomodulators, adjuvants and vaccines for an array of aggressive cancers.


Lymph nodes:
where the immune response is orchestrated

Elicio has demonstrated preclinically that Amphiphiles target and concentrate an array of different immunotherapies in the lymph nodes, resulting in unprecedented tumor-specific immune responses and durable cures in multiple aggressive tumor models.  Elicio’s lead Amphiphile program for KRAS-driven cancers will enter initial patient studies in 2020.





Our programs

Elicio will begin multiple Phase 1/2 studies for ELI-002 in 2020. This program consists of an Amphiphile vaccine that has the potential to elicit powerful immune responses against KRAS, a mutation found in 90% of pancreatic cancers, and 40% of colorectal cancers.



Latest News

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Esther Welkowsky Joins Elicio Therapeutics as Vice President Clinical Operations
Esther Welkowsky, an accomplished clinical operations leader with over 15 years of biotechnology development experience across T cell immunotherapy, biologics, and small molecules, Will lead Elicio’s oversee clinical operations and assist in defining development strategy, guiding protocol design, study conduct, and regulatory compliance. » Read more