Orchestrating the immune Response
TO Defeat Cancer & Infectious Diseases

Engineering precision immunity

Elicio Therapeutics is re-engineering the body’s immune response to defeat cancer and infectious diseases with potent lymph node targeted immunotherapies and vaccines. Elicio’s Amphiphile platform combines expertise in materials science and immunology  to develop novel immunotherapies and vaccines, including cell therapy activators, immunomodulators, adjuvants and vaccines for an array of aggressive cancers and infectious diseases.


Lymph nodes:
where the immune response is orchestrated

Elicio has demonstrated preclinically that Amphiphiles target and concentrate an array of different immunogens in the lymph nodes, resulting in tumor or pathogen targeted immunity, including potent T cell and humoral responses. Elicio’s lead Amphiphile program for KRAS-driven cancers will enter initial patient studies in early 2021.





Our programs

Elicio’s core business is the  development of therapeutic cancer vaccines. ELI-002, its lead clinical program, is designed to stimulate an immune response against the seven Kirsten rat sarcoma (KRAS) mutations driving 25% of solid tumors. ELI-002 is currently being studied in AMPLIFY-201, a Phase 1 dose escalation study, and AMPLIFY-7P, a Phase 1/2 study.



Latest News

Elicio Therapeutics Presents Updated Preliminary Data Including Promising Relapse-Free Survival Data from the Phase 1 Study of ELI-002 at AACR Special Conference: Pancreatic Cancer
ELI-002 2P is an investigational therapeutic cancer vaccine targeting solid tumors driven by G12D and G12R mutations in KRAS As of the April 25, 2023 data cut-off date, among the 22 evaluable patients, preliminary data from the trial suggest that those with greater than median T cell response had...  » Read more
Elicio Therapeutics Receives $2.6 Million Grant from the Gastro-Intestinal (GI) Research Foundation to Fund Research for Two Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines
Funds will advance research into ELI-007, a mutant BRAF-peptide vaccine, and ELI-008, a p53 hotspot mutation-peptide vaccine, with the aim of developing multivalent cancer vaccines targeting several mutations This $2.6 million grant is an addition to the $2.8 million that GIRF awarded Elicio in...  » Read more

Elicio title slide corporate presentation September 2023

Elicio Corporate Presentation 

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Presentation title slide: Targeting the Lymph Nodes to Orchestrate Anti-tumor Immunity

Koch Institute Symposium: Targeting the Lymph Nodes to Orchestrate Anti-tumor Immunity

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