BioCentury: Elicio vaccine targets oncogenic KRAS mutations
Elicio Therapeutics (Cambridge, Mass.) showed its ELI-002 vaccine generated immune responses against all common KRAS mutations, resulting in cytolytic activity against cells expressing the mutations. » Read more
Elicio Therapeutics Presents In Vivo Data for a Universal Amphiphile Vaccine Targeting KRAS-Driven Cancers
Demonstrates robust immune responses and cytolytic activity targeting the seven key mKRAS mutations CAMBRIDGE MA., AUGUST 7th, 2019 (BusinessWire) – Phase One patient data from a potential therapy targeting a single KRAS mutation, formerly considered “undruggable,” has been introduced in 2019. Now, Elicio Therapeutics, a next generation immuno-oncology company, is presenting significant preclinical data from a novel lymph-node […] » Read more
Science: Boosting engineered T cells
After decades of work, researchers have finally begun to see broadly reproducible success of engineered T cells in the treatment of cancer. » Read more
ENDPOINTS: Su­per­charg­ing CAR-T with can­cer vac­cine, MIT team spot­lights some new tech un­der­pin­ning Dar­rell Irvine’s start­up
What if just amplifying CAR-T cells can do the job? Darrell Irvine and his team at MIT have some intriguing mouse data for one such tech. » Read more
Elicio Therapeutics Co-founder, Darrell Irvine, Co-authors Research Published in Science Demonstrating Novel AMP-CAR-T Approach to Enhance CAR-T Function in Solid Tumor Cancers
Elicio Therapeutics today announced that studies of its Amphiphile platform in combination with CAR-T therapy (AMP-CAR-T) have shown that activation of CAR-T cells in the lymphatic system gives massive CAR-T cell expansion, and significant functional improvements including enhanced CAR-T cell infiltration of solid tumors, increased anti-tumor cytolytic potential, and improved cytokine response. » Read more
BioCentury: Elicio’s cancer vaccine boosts CAR Ts for solid tumors
Elicio Therapeutics (Cambridge, Mass.), which launched in March, exclusively licensed the platform, Amphiphile, from co-founder Darrell Irvine at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. » Read more
Fierce Biotech: Boosting CAR-T to treat solid tumors with a vaccine
Using a vaccine that super-charges CAR-Ts at the lymph nodes, an MIT team found that they could eliminate solid tumors in 60% of mice. After that, the animals also cleared re-injected tumor cells. The findings were published in Science. » Read more
Xconomy: Bio Roundup: Amyloid Angst, NASH News, Brammer Bagged & More
Xconomy National— A week after the failure of Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug aducanumab, the ripple effects are still being felt—and not just by Biogen, which lost billions of dollars in market value in a flash. We’ll kick off this week’s roundup with the aducanumab reaction, which includes plenty of thoughts about the future of the so-called […] » Read more
ENDPOINTS: Three biotechs raise $100M+ in funding for gene therapies, cancer vaccines and more
– Another day, another gene therapy developer. Prevail Therapeutics, which leapt out of stealth mode in 2017 and raised $75 million in a Series A last year for its disease-modifying approach to neurode generative diseases, has secured another $5o million in the bank. The New York-based company is run by Columbia University’s Asa Abeliovich, who […] » Read more
FierceBiotech: Elicio Therapeutics aims to sneak cancer vaccines into the lymph nodes, with $30M to launch
by Conor Hale – By targeting the body’s lymph nodes with anti-cancer vaccines, new immunotherapy developer Elicio Therapeutics aims to focus on ground zero of the body’s immune system. And to do it, the startup is getting underway with $30 million in funds, a new CEO and tech from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Elicio […] » Read more
BioCentury: Elicio raises $30m to target cancer vaccines to the lymph nodes
by Mary Romeo, Staff Writer – Elicio launched Wednesday with $30 million in funding and an immunotherapy strategy aimed at getting cancer vaccines into the lymph nodes, a location that orchestrates immune responses but has been hard to target directly. Elicio Therapeutics (Cambridge, Mass.) has exclusively licensed the Amphiphile platform from Darrell Irvine at the […] » Read more
Immuno-Oncology Company Elicio Therapeutics Launches with Novel Vaccine & Immunotherapy Platform to Treat an Array of Cancers
$30 Million Financing Backing MIT-Developed Amphiphile Platform to Target a Wide-Range of Immunogens to the Lymph Nodes, the “Brain Center’ of the Immune Response CAMBRIDGE MA., March 27, 2019 (BusinessWire) – Elicio Therapeutics, a next generation immuno-oncology company, engineering therapies for cancer killing immune responses, launched today and announced the appointment of Robert Connelly as […] » Read more