Elicio Therapeutics and Moffitt Collaborate to Study AMP-CD19 in Combination with CD19 CAR T cells
Elicio Therapeutics, a next generation immuno-oncology company, today announced that it has established a collaboration with the Moffitt Cancer Center to characterize combination therapies pairing Elicio’s CD19 Amphiphile and a universal FITC Amphiphile with CD19 CAR T cells. » Read more
Next-gen Covid-19 vaccines: Elicio and its lymph node targeting approach
PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY One next-generation Covid-19 vaccine that is about to enter clinical studies is Elicio’s ELI-005. This lymph node-targeting vaccine is composed of an adjuvant developed using the company’s Amphiphile technology and the SARS-CoV-2 virus’s spike protein RBD. Elicio head of research and development Christopher Haqq explains the differentiated mechanism of the action of this […] » Read more
Lymph node targeting COVID-19 vaccine induces up to 25-fold more T cells over benchmark vaccines and >265-fold greater antibody levels than recovering patients
Preclinical data from a lymph node targeted COVID-19 vaccine candidate showed potent CD8 and CD4 T Cells in lung tissue and respiratory fluid » Read more
Adrian Bot, MD, PhD, Named to Elicio Therapeutics Scientific Advisory Board
Elicio Therapeutics, a next generation immuno-oncology company, announced today that Adrian Bot, MD, PhD, Vice President of Translational Medicine at Kite, a Gilead Company, has joined Elicio’s Scientific Advisory Board. » Read more
Elicio Therapeutics and National Cancer Institute Collaborate to Study ELI-002 mutant KRAS Targeting Mechanism
Elicio Therapeutics, a next generation immuno-oncology company, today announced that it has established a collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to characterize T cell responses to ELI-002 in animals. » Read more
Esther Welkowsky Joins Elicio Therapeutics as Vice President Clinical Operations
Esther Welkowsky, an accomplished clinical operations leader with over 15 years of biotechnology development experience across T cell immunotherapy, biologics, and small molecules, Will lead Elicio’s oversee clinical operations and assist in defining development strategy, guiding protocol design, study conduct, and regulatory compliance. » Read more
Elicio Therapeutics to discuss novel lymph node vaccine targeting seven key mKRAS mutations at RAS – Targeted Drug Discovery Summit in Vienna, Austria
Elicio Therapeutics, a next generation immuno-oncology company, today announced Peter DeMuth, PhD., Elicio Vice President of Research, will present “Targeting the Lymph Nodes to Enhance Mutant KRAS-Specific Vaccine Responses,” at the upcoming RAS-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit in Vienna, Austria, from February 25 to 27, 2020. » Read more
Elicio Therapeutics and Natera To Collaborate in Phase I/II Pancreatic Cancer Study of ELI-002
Elicio Therapeutics and Natera, Inc.(NASDAQ: NTRA) today announced their collaboration in a prospective, multicenter Phase 1/2 study of ELI-002, an Amphiphile immuno-oncology therapeutic targeting KRAS mutations in the adjuvant setting for patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) who have undergone neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by pancreatectomy. IND submission for the 108-patient trial which will open at 10-12 US sites will be in the first half of 2020. » Read more
ENDPOINTS: Christopher Haqq joins Elicio to hunt father’s RAS cancer
Christopher Haqq is now joining Elicio as its new R&D chief, overseeing the development of, among other things, their RAS-targeting immunotherapy. RAS mutations, which are now after 40 years of research becoming a prime target for experimental therapies, are present in about 30% of cancers, including 45% of colon cancers and nearly all pancreatic cancers. » Read more
FIERCE BIOTECH: Chutes and Ladders
Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Elicio Therapeutics has hired Christopher Haqq, M.D., Ph.D., as CMO and executive vice president and head of R&D. Haqq was the first employee and CMO of Atara Biotherapeutics, and later its CSO. » Read more
Physician-Scientist Christopher Haqq M.D., Ph.D. Joins Elicio Therapeutics as Research and Development Head
Will lead Elicio’s transition to clinical-stage and oversee, prioritize and advance the company’s rich pipeline of immunotherapies. » Read more
ENDPOINTS: Elicio Therapeutics — focused on amphiphile immunotherapies — has closed its Series B with $33 million
Darrell Irvine co-founded Elicio Therapeutics — focused on amphiphile immunotherapies — has closed its Series B with $33 million. The company says that the financing will advance Elicio’s pipeline, including its amphiphile mKRAS vaccine, ELI-002 — which targets seven KRAS mutations that drive 99% of all KRAS-driven cancers. Investors for the round included Clal Biotechnology […] » Read more
BioWorld: Where the action is: Elicio $33M series B powers bid aimed at lymph in cancer
CEO Robert Connelly acknowledged "a general malaise about cancer vaccines," but described the strategy of his firm to BioWorld as "very different. None of these other approaches [has] delivered the goods to the lymph nodes, where the immune response is orchestrated." Cambridge, Mass.-based Elicio pulled down $33 million in a series B financing to advance lymph node-targeted immunotherapies that include ELI-002, an Amphiphile KRAS vaccine that takes aim at all seven of the KRAS mutations driving 99% of mutant KRAS cancers – a group estimated to take up 25% of all human solid tumors. » Read more
BioCentury: Elicio to Advance Pancreatic, HPV Vaccines, CAR T Booster With $33M B Round
Six months after raising a $30 million series A round, Elicio has added $33 million via its B round to begin Phase I/II testing of its KRAS-driven cancer vaccine ELI-002 and advance its other immunotherapies. » Read more
Elicio Therapeutics Completes $33 Million Series B Financing
Proceeds will advance Elicio’s pipeline including an Amphiphile Vaccine targeting mKRAS-Driven Cancers. CAMBRIDGE MA., October 2nd, 2019 (BusinessWire) – Elicio Therapeutics, a next generation immuno-oncology company, announced today that it has closed its $33 million Series B financing. » Read more
BioCentury: Elicio vaccine targets oncogenic KRAS mutations
Elicio Therapeutics (Cambridge, Mass.) showed its ELI-002 vaccine generated immune responses against all common KRAS mutations, resulting in cytolytic activity against cells expressing the mutations. » Read more
Elicio Therapeutics Presents In Vivo Data for a Universal Amphiphile Vaccine Targeting KRAS-Driven Cancers
Demonstrates robust immune responses and cytolytic activity targeting the seven key mKRAS mutations CAMBRIDGE MA., AUGUST 7th, 2019 (BusinessWire) – Phase One patient data from a potential therapy targeting a single KRAS mutation, formerly considered “undruggable,” has been introduced in 2019. Now, Elicio Therapeutics, a next generation immuno-oncology company, is presenting significant preclinical data from a novel lymph-node […] » Read more
Science: Boosting engineered T cells
After decades of work, researchers have finally begun to see broadly reproducible success of engineered T cells in the treatment of cancer. » Read more
ENDPOINTS: Su­per­charg­ing CAR-T with can­cer vac­cine, MIT team spot­lights some new tech un­der­pin­ning Dar­rell Irvine’s start­up
What if just amplifying CAR-T cells can do the job? Darrell Irvine and his team at MIT have some intriguing mouse data for one such tech. » Read more
Elicio Therapeutics Co-founder, Darrell Irvine, Co-authors Research Published in Science Demonstrating Novel AMP-CAR-T Approach to Enhance CAR-T Function in Solid Tumor Cancers
Elicio Therapeutics today announced that studies of its Amphiphile platform in combination with CAR-T therapy (AMP-CAR-T) have shown that activation of CAR-T cells in the lymphatic system gives massive CAR-T cell expansion, and significant functional improvements including enhanced CAR-T cell infiltration of solid tumors, increased anti-tumor cytolytic potential, and improved cytokine response. » Read more
BioCentury: Elicio’s cancer vaccine boosts CAR Ts for solid tumors
Elicio Therapeutics (Cambridge, Mass.), which launched in March, exclusively licensed the platform, Amphiphile, from co-founder Darrell Irvine at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. » Read more
Fierce Biotech: Boosting CAR-T to treat solid tumors with a vaccine
Using a vaccine that super-charges CAR-Ts at the lymph nodes, an MIT team found that they could eliminate solid tumors in 60% of mice. After that, the animals also cleared re-injected tumor cells. The findings were published in Science. » Read more
Xconomy: Bio Roundup: Amyloid Angst, NASH News, Brammer Bagged & More
Xconomy National— A week after the failure of Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug aducanumab, the ripple effects are still being felt—and not just by Biogen, which lost billions of dollars in market value in a flash. We’ll kick off this week’s roundup with the aducanumab reaction, which includes plenty of thoughts about the future of the so-called […] » Read more
ENDPOINTS: Three biotechs raise $100M+ in funding for gene therapies, cancer vaccines and more
– Another day, another gene therapy developer. Prevail Therapeutics, which leapt out of stealth mode in 2017 and raised $75 million in a Series A last year for its disease-modifying approach to neurode generative diseases, has secured another $5o million in the bank. The New York-based company is run by Columbia University’s Asa Abeliovich, who […] » Read more
FierceBiotech: Elicio Therapeutics aims to sneak cancer vaccines into the lymph nodes, with $30M to launch
by Conor Hale – By targeting the body’s lymph nodes with anti-cancer vaccines, new immunotherapy developer Elicio Therapeutics aims to focus on ground zero of the body’s immune system. And to do it, the startup is getting underway with $30 million in funds, a new CEO and tech from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Elicio […] » Read more
BioCentury: Elicio raises $30m to target cancer vaccines to the lymph nodes
by Mary Romeo, Staff Writer – Elicio launched Wednesday with $30 million in funding and an immunotherapy strategy aimed at getting cancer vaccines into the lymph nodes, a location that orchestrates immune responses but has been hard to target directly. Elicio Therapeutics (Cambridge, Mass.) has exclusively licensed the Amphiphile platform from Darrell Irvine at the […] » Read more
Immuno-Oncology Company Elicio Therapeutics Launches with Novel Vaccine & Immunotherapy Platform to Treat an Array of Cancers
$30 Million Financing Backing MIT-Developed Amphiphile Platform to Target a Wide-Range of Immunogens to the Lymph Nodes, the “Brain Center’ of the Immune Response CAMBRIDGE MA., March 27, 2019 (BusinessWire) – Elicio Therapeutics, a next generation immuno-oncology company, engineering therapies for cancer killing immune responses, launched today and announced the appointment of Robert Connelly as […] » Read more