Substantial pipeline and partnering
assets and opportunities

Our AMP platform, originally developed at MIT, has broad potential across cancers, infectious diseases and other disease indications to advance a number of development initiatives through internal activities, in-licensing arrangements or development collaborations and partnerships. Among our development candidates, we intend to internally advance ELI-002 for KRAS-driven cancers, ELI-003 for cancers involving an ALK mutation, ELI-011 for hematological cancers, and ELI-004, our universal adjuvant utilized in each pipeline program. We have conducted initial assessments related to the potential use of the AMP platform to treat additional diseases, including COVID-19, and these indications may be well-suited for treatment using an AMP construct, and we intend to advance them through out-licensing, co-development or other partnership arrangements. Our most advanced development initiatives, their current stage of development and the next anticipated major milestone for each program are presented in the chart below.