A structurally novel AMP therapeutic vaccine
targeting KRAS-driven cancers

ELI-002 is a structurally novel AMP therapeutic vaccine targeting KRAS-driven cancers. KRAS mutations are among the most prevalent in human cancers. ELI-002 is comprised of AMP-modified mutant KRAS peptide antigens and ELI-004, an AMP-modified immune-stimulatory oligonucleotide adjuvant.

ELI-002 KRAS Mutations We are currently enrolling patients in AMPLIFY-201, our Phase 1/2 clinical trial of ELI-002 in patients with solid tumors, including colorectal cancer, or CRC, or pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, or PDAC.  The AMPLIFY-201 trial is being conducted at multiple sites, including U.S. cancer treatment institutions such as MD Anderson, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Sarah Cannon Research Institute, Washington University St. Louis, and Henry Ford Health System. Following an initial dose escalation phase, we intend to expand patient eligibility to evaluate the potential of ELI-002 as a treatment for a number of KRAS-mutated cancers. AMPLIFY-201 is strategically constructed to target patients with minimal residual disease, or MRD, a stage where tumor burden and immunosuppressive effects within the tumor are lower. ELI-002 is currently in Cohort 3 of the AMPLIFY-201 Phase 1/2 trial. We have initial safety, dose escalation, and correlative biomarker data from Cohorts 1 and 2. We will continue to assess data from the AMPLIFY-201 trial through 2023 with the RP2D expected in 4Q 2022.