The Amp Platform

The AMP platform
Harnessing the untapped potential of the lymph nodes for immunotherapy

  • Elicio’s AMP platform technology is founded upon an intimate appreciation of the lymphatic system’s critical involvement  in the functioning of the human immune system.
  • Elicio believes the therapeutic utility of currently approved immunotherapies is limited due to the inability of those therapies to adequately engage with the critical immune cells resident in the lymph nodes responsible for priming T cell activation.
  • The AMP platform is specifically intended to remedy this issue and the majority of Elicio’s product candidate portfolio, including its lead clinical candidate ELI-002, has been constructed upon this central tenet.


Amp construction showing the albumin binding lipid, linker and payload




  • Many vaccine components and other small molecules manufactured to help enhance  the immune response easily pass through the blood vessel walls at the site of injection.
  • As a result, they are quickly flushed away into the systemic circulation without entering into or engaging within lymph nodes, limiting their therapeutic utility.

Infographic showing tissue injection site


  • Elicio believes the improved delivery to the lymph nodes inherent with larger molecules  holds great promise for enhanced immunological responses and therapeutic efficacy.
  • Elicio’s AMP platform is designed to use this ability of larger molecules to deliver therapeutic payloads of interest to the lymphatic system.
  • The AMP Platform reprograms biodistribution to promote targeted delivery of payloads (e.g., antigens, adjuvants) to lymph nodes.

Molecular size drives lymphatic targeting