Board of Directors

Vice Chairman

Over the past 35 years, Isaac Blech has established some of the leading biotechnology companies in the world. These include Celgene Corporation, ICOS Corporation, Nova Pharmaceutical Corporation, Pathogenesis Corporation, and Genetics Systems Corporation.

Collectively, these companies have produced major advances – and even historic breakthroughs – in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad array of diseases, including cancer, chlamydia, sexual dysfunction, cystic fibrosis, and AIDS. Today, the combined value of Mr. Blech’s companies is over $110 billion.

Mr. Blech continues to cultivate new life science companies today. He serves as vice chairman of Edge Therapeutics (NASDAQ: EDGE) and vice chairman of Diffusion Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: DFFN), as well as a director of Cerecor, Inc. (NASDAQ: CERC), of ContraFect Corporation (NASDAQ: CFRX), and of Marina Biotech (OTC: MRNA). He also serves as vice chairman of 10 privately held life science companies.

Together, the businesses Mr. Blech has helped launch have attracted boards of distinguished leaders in science, industry, and world affairs, including 20 former presidents or chairmen of Fortune 500 companies, seven Nobel Prize recipients, four former U.S. Cabinet secretaries, two former U.S. senators, a former supreme commander of NATO, and a former U.S. president.

Mr. Blech earned a bachelor of arts degree from Baruch College in 1975.