Other Preclinical Programs

ELI-007: Our Product Candidate for BRAF-driven Cancers

ELI-007 is a multivalent lymph node targeted AMP-peptide vaccine directed at BRAF V600E mutations. BRAF V600E mutations are present in 40% of melanoma, 10% of colon cancer and 2% of lung cancer. While available small molecule inhibitors generate initial responses in BRAF V600E-mutated melanoma, these responses are not sustained because of resistance due to alternative growth signaling pathways, and few initial responses occur in BRAF-mutated colon cancer. Previous research has shown that T cells can respond to the driver mutation V600E in BRAF and that transfer of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes that recognize mutated BRAF resulted in durable complete response in a case study. The protein expression of BRAF V600E is maintained at high levels in these tumors suggesting that they would be susceptible to T cells specific for the mutated BRAF.

ELI-008: Our Product Candidate for TP53-driven Cancers

ELI-008 is a multivalent lymph node targeted AMP-peptide vaccine directed at p53 hotspot mutations. Like KRAS, mutations in p53 are found in a large number and wide variety of cancers, accounting for approximately 60% of patients with solid tumors. ELI-008 is being developed to target hotspot mutations in p53 in solid tumors including colorectal cancer, melanoma and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). An AMP-peptide vaccine targeting p53 hotspot mutations may be able to potently expand and mature tumor-specific T cells through enhanced delivery and immune stimulation in draining lymph nodes to generate tumor-specific immunity capable of eliminating tumor tissue.