A universal AMP-modified CpG adjuvant

In addition to the development of ELI-004 as a component of ELI-002, Elicio is developing ELI-004 as a universal AMP-modified CpG adjuvant for applications in a variety of indications and therapies.

In previous clinical studies conducted by third parties, CpG-containing oligonucleotides have been shown to be both well tolerated and to exert immune-stimulatory effects through activation of the endosomal TLR-9 pathway present in human antigen-presenting dendritic cells and B cells.

The specific CpG, 7909, which Elicio incorporates into its vaccine configurations, has been shown to induce both B cell proliferation and dendritic cell maturation in clinical trials. Further, CpG-7909 elicited target-specific adaptive immunity when given in combination with an antigen.

Elicio believes its thoughtfully-designed AMP modified CpG adjuvant has the potential to induce an enhanced immune response due to its specific engagement with the lymph nodes..