BioWorld: Where the action is: Elicio $33M series B powers bid aimed at lymph in cancer

Elicio Therapeutics Inc. CEO Robert Connelly acknowledged “a general malaise about cancer vaccines,” but described the strategy of his firm to BioWorld as “very different. None of these other approaches [has] delivered the goods to the lymph nodes, where the immune response is orchestrated.”

Cambridge, Mass.-based Elicio pulled down $33 million in a series B financing to advance lymph node-targeted immunotherapies that include ELI-002, an Amphiphile KRAS vaccine that takes aim at all seven of the KRAS mutations driving 99% of mutant KRAS cancers – a group estimated to take up 25% of all human solid tumors.

The company has nailed down preclinical validation, toxicology studies and manufacturing. A pre-IND meeting with the FDA went well, and Elicio expects to hear from regulators by mid-November that it can start a phase I/II study in pancreatic cancer patients in the first half of 2020. See for full story.